Calabash Community Information

Schools near Calabash, NC

There is no public school located in Calabash, per se, but the community is within proximity to the Brunswick County Schools region. Local elementary, middle and high schools are within 12 miles of Calabash. Colleges and universities near Calabash include Horry-Georgetown Technical College, Coastal Carolina University, Cape Fear Community College, and University of North Carolina at Wilmington, among a list of others.

Golfing in Calabash

The sheer number of golf courses near Calabash indicates how important golf is to the North Carolina lifestyle. The many local courses offer residents and visitors a chance to exercise while taking in the scenic local landscapes. If you?re in Calabash, you can look into the Brunswick Plantation & Golf Links, Calabash Golf Links, Carolina Shores Golf & Country Club, Crow Creek Golf Club, Marsh Harbour Golf Links, or the Ocean Harbour Golf Links. The Brunswick Plantation facility, a semi-private course, features three nine-hole courses that can be played in three 18-hole combinations. The other courses noted are all public facilities, and together offer a range of challenge suitable for any player level.

Other Activities

Other activities available locally include fishing, crabbing or shrimping along the Intercoastal Waterway, deep sea fishing out of Calabash, bicycling and a variety of water sports. Also, local dining and shopping venues reflect the unique character of the Brunswick Islands and surrounding communities.

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